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Vue Academy is the #1 hands-on instructor-led classroom or online training and certification course in Calgary

What's in it?

Learn the core concepts of coding a real business app with Vue.js from an industry expert in an immersive hands-on workshop in Calgary (or online).


Bring your laptop! An important part of the training is dedicated to building apps together and testing things in real time (interactive learning class).



If you are in Canada we want to visit you. We are hosting the course in Calgary, but also in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec, ... and now online as a live remote class as well!


You should have significant experience in building web applications with HTML5 and JavaScript. No previous experience with Vue.js is required.


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COVID-19 NOTE: We are now offering virtual classes.

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Courses outlines

For public classes we have 2 courses:

  • Vue Fundamentals
  • Migrate to Vue 3
We can also create custom courses:
We offer to tailor the content to fit your team's preferences and expectations at no fees.

2 days to begin with Vue 2

Vue Fundamentals Training CourseThis immersive instructor-led workshop covers all the core concepts and guides you to build a full Vue.js data-centric business application, including project setup, code structure, style guide, using the Vue CLI, data binding, querying a REST API, routing and state management with Vuex. Also covering Vuelidate, Vuetify and Nuxt. Vue Academy is the ideal starting point to understand and use Vue effectively now. You’ll experience several demos and "code along" activities and be provided with the code throughout the workshop, as you learn how to build apps using Vue, with plenty of interactivity with the instructor in the room.

Day 1

  • Getting started with Vue.js
    • The progressive aspect of Vue.js
  • The Vue Instance
  • Minimal Setup and Tooling
  • Template Syntax
    • Expressions
    • Attribute binding
    • Class and style binding
    • Conditional and list rendering
    • Events handling and Event Modifiers
    • Shorthands
  • Components
    • Passing Data with Props, Custom Events, Methods, Scoped CSS, Life-cycle Hooks, Nesting components, Communicating between components
  • Setup an Enterprise Development Workflow with Vue CLI and Vue UI
    • Using Single File Components (.vue files)
  • Communicating with a server API
    • Making Async HTTP Requests with Axios: Fetch dynamic JSON data from an API, Post data to server, Template URLs, best practices and uses of service to keep the app modular
  • Computed and watch properties

Day 2

  • Routing with Vue Router
    • Nested routes
    • Routes params
    • Alias, redirect, props and error
    • Lazy loading
  • Transitions & Animations
  • Error Handling
  • Debugging a Vue.js app
  • Forms and Two-way Data Binding
  • Validation with Vuelidate
  • Improve apps with filters and mixins
  • Scoped slots
  • Better State Management with Vuex
    • Why Vuex ?
    • Setup a Store with Vuex
    • Actions, Mutations and Getters
    • Vuex Mutation History and Vue Devtools
  • Material Design with Vuetify
  • Deploying an app to production
  • Tips and tricks
  • Introduction to Nuxt

Migrate to Vue 3

Vue 3 Training CourseThis short training (3 hours) offers you a complete guide on how to migrate your Vue 2 applications to Vue 3 under the best conditions! The teaching material brings together all the tips and advice for an effective update experience. It also covers some caveats to avoid when you are planning to migrate your existing Vue 2 application to the upgraded version, Vue 3! You'll work along with the instructor in a live coding workshop where we will migrate a typical business application (using the CLI, Vue Router, Vuex, Axios, Forms, Slots, Mixins, Filters, Animations, ...) from Vue 2 to Vue 3. Finally, we will see how to take advantage of the new Composition API offered with Vue 3 for a better organization and reuse of your code.

This 3h course covers the following topics:

  • Prepare your code base before the upgrade
  • Using the CLI to initiate the migration to Vue 3
  • Differences in app configuration between Vue 2 and Vue 3
  • Fix the router syntax
  • What to do with Filters? (discontinued)
  • What about 3rd party plugins?
  • Introduction to the Composition API (and ability to use @vue/composition-api before the upgrade!)

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