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  • Online quiz - Score of 70% required to pass (25 minutes)
  • 6 days to try the exam after your payment
  • 1 attempt (no retry available)
  • You can register now and take the test later

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Please note:

  • Registration is free and gives you access to a free 10-questions certification exam (no payment needed).
  • When you're ready for the test, you pay $69 USD $19 USD (launching price) and proceed to the full 50-questions exam.
  • Each payment gives you 1 attempt (no free retake).
  • Languages: English, French.
  • Any questions? Read our FAQ!

Get your certificate!

  • Validate your skills as a Vue Developer.
  • Get your own customized certificate that can be shared with employers.
  • Certified developers can use their exam results as a reference when applying for a job.

Skills measured

The certification exam will validate your skills as a Vue Developer according to those topics (Updated in July 2021):

  • Components (15-20%)
  • Directives (15-20%)
  • Binding syntax (15-20%)
  • Vue 3 (6%)
  • Vue CLI (6%)
  • Vue Router (6%)
  • Forms (3%)
  • Vuex (15-20%)
  • Misc. (10%)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is the purpose of this certification exam ?
  • The goal of our certification exam is to validate your skills as a Vue Developer. Certified developers can use their exam result as a reference when applying for a job. Our exam is meant to recognize experienced Vue developers and help them reach the next step in their career!
  • What will I have to do to get certified ?
  • You have to register online and take a 25-minute long test with 50 questions. The test has to be taken in one seating with no possible retry. A score of at least 70% is required.
  • Where do I register ?
  • Link: Exam Registration
  • What do I need to know to take the certification exam ?
  • The certification is all about knowing the basics of components, directives, binding syntax, as well as using the CLI, Vue Router, Forms, and Vuex.
  • Does it cover Vue 3 as well ?
  • Yes, and any questions related to Vue 3+ is clearly indicated as such.
  • Do you provide study materials ?
  • While we do have a few courses available, the goal of this certification is to validate real-life experience with Vue. As a result, we would only recommend taking the exam after you have a few weeks/months of actual experience with the framework.
  • Can I get a refund if I fail the test ?
  • No, so be sure to be ready before trying the test. Our advice is to register now and take the free 10-questions quiz to check the exam level.
  • What do I get after being certified ?
  • You will receive a detailled results document and a PDF certificate with a verification code, as well as a digital badge. We can also share your success on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter if you're so inclined (or you can also do it yourself!).
  • Is the certification available anywhere in the world ?
  • Yes. You can get certified from any country.
  • Is there a price for the exam ?
  • Upon your free registration you have immediate access to a free test exam. When you're ready for the test, you pay $69 USD and proceed to the full 50-questions exam.
  • Can I register now and take the exam later ?
  • Sure, you can take the exam anytime you are ready.
  • Can I take the exam in a different language than English ?
  • We currently offer the exam in English and French.
  • Can I retry the exam if I fail ?
  • We do not offer free retries but you can pay for another attempt later on when you feel ready for it.
  • How many questions are there in the exam ?
  • The online test has 50 questions, and you have 25 minutes to finish (no pause allowed).
  • Are there any multi-answers questions ?
  • Yes, some of the questions offer several possible answers and they will be clearly identified as "multiple answers are possible" type of questions.
  • Is this certification endorsed by the Vue Team ?
  • No, and there is no official Vue Certification either.
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